Busy Week Part. 1

Hello Dear,…

Long time not write here *LEBAY )). Bener-bener deh ini Busy Week buat saya, karena kerjaannya keliling-keliling Balikpapan aja urus ini itu untuk kantor baru.Sebenernya website ini adalah Daily Blog, yang tujuannya share keseharian saya atau hal-hal apa aja yang bisa dibagikan deh buat kalian.

Sekarang sedang dikejar-kejar deadine office baru dan many report of this company lah. So, cant to much active on social media. Kalau pun sempat saya hanya share photo or mini video on Instagram. Oiya dont forget to Follow Me on Instagram mareta273 to get more update of me. Haha I am not a celebrity, I just a Blogger and employment at some company in Indonesia that manage this Branch Office. I must finish all of my work this month, cause I’ll take a field break on first week of July.

You know how to kill my boring time when do this work??? I sing on my Smule Karaoke with many people, even I dont have good voice. Follow my Smule MaretaLyna and join me to have fun together. Or I play Onet Games on my phone HAHA.

To much work outdoor make me  lose shinning skin T_______T

See you on next Post


Enjoy Your Life

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