Who Am I?

Hello Dear,…

Good morning and having wonderful Friday ^______^

Who Am I? Sound like Hongkong Movie, that starring is Jackie Chan. Okay, back to the topic ya. I’ll let you know little bit of me and my life. My name is Abung Nurlina Maretasari, that my family give it to me (My Papa, I mean). I was born in Sangkulirang, small island in East Kutai – East Kalimantan, 24 years ago. Many people think I am a Kutai People (name of one tribe in Kalimantan), cause I born there in East Kutai.

My family originally from South Kalimantan, many people know it as Banjar land. My Papa is part of Dayak Alai – Dayak Meratus tribe and my Mama mixed Banjar – India, thats why I had brown skin. Papa always say, “we must know where our from and our culture tradition.” Cause many people call they’re Dayak, but don’t know the basic. I am older and only daughter on my family, I has three young brothers. Rizal, Rayhan, and Rizki.

If you want to know my occupation, I am Accountant and General Admin at some Indonesian company. But, I also do freelance job as a drafter (building designer) and estimator. Sometime help my Papa do some project, its my activity since I am at High Vocational School. So, he always give me a lesson how to make money with your own skill. That’s why if had a someone come to me with dirty word and say something not good about it, I am gonna sensitive.

I love to make a design, make a line on the paper, make a color on the canvas, and make a some story or poem. I am imaginer and always try to find way to make it happen. Cause I believe, if you make a dream of course you can build a future. Life is start from a dream, but don’t to much dreaming ya. Cause its will make you getting crazy and don’t know how to encounter the reality.


Just it for today, hope you enjoy your day. BYE


Enjoy your life and dont forget to say thank you everything ^_______^

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