Elementary School Met Up

Hello Dear,…


Finally met these people on the reunion, I mean Elementary School Met Up at Ratu Kopitiam – Pasar Segar Balikpapan Baru. Its first time we met our class mate Richvin (wear glass eyes) cause he never join us on our met up before *HAHA. Make appointment on BBM (BalckBerry Messanger) since half of Ramadhan month. Still a Big Planning on our group general discussion without realize.

I don’t know what I want to write here, cause not to much story tonight. Just having breakfast (iftar) together and share about our daily activity. And we keep support Novi for her study, so she can graduation this year. In ‘sya Allah :). Ifan, Lani, and me focus to our job and how to get money *HEHE. How about Richvin? He still try to focus on his study and learn more about Islam.

I’ll write more story in nex post. Thank you for keep in touch with me here on my blog.

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