Vocational School Meet Up

Hello Dear,…

I am not write anything here few days, cause to much activity this week before long holiday (I take field break and Eid Mubarak). On, June 30th 2016 I had Vocational School with my class mate (Building Design Engineering Class). Ramadhan is special month for all Muslim in the world, and it’s time to meet up with family or friends. So, when Ramadhan start we always busy for preparing our meet up or reunion.

We always take a time for having quality time together, maybe it’s just for a while on Ramadhan month (Fasting month). Cause we had our thing or activity (study, work, manage family, etc), but when fasting month come always us take a time for it.

Okay, I’ll not talk about that thing. Back to topic,… I am member of Building Design Class in High Vocational School SMK Negeri 1 Balikpapan year 2007 – 2010 (graduation) with 30 students. But, not all class member come to our reunion. Just they’re can take a time and stay in Balikpapan (some friends work and study in other city).

I think nothing special on this meet up, cause last year we do same thing like this. Just different place and class member, and some friends take his girlfriend to join us. Oiya,… On our class has a couple, Rhezli and Erna. I’ll let you know lil bit story of them, it’s not gossip and it’s reality. They’re had relationship since second year on Vocational School and getting married on October last year. Now she pregnancy and will had a baby. Erna and Rhezli isn’t only class member that already taken. First member having married is Yasir (he has two daughters), Anaka (he has one daughter), Dwi my best friend (she hasn’t baby yet, but in ‘sya Allah soon), Erna and Rhezli (will have baby very soon, cause Erna already pregnant), Said Fachry (I don’t know much about his wife), and Yudis will getting married very soon after Eid Mubarak. Barakhallah my friends J

We meet up at Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut Ring Road (nearly KAPOLDA KALTIM and Home Mayoralty Balikpapan). About that taste of Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut , I’ll review on next post okay. Cause I’m not take picture of they’re foods and place *SAD. I’m exhausted when finish work and must join them on reunion, so not thinking of that thing.

I’ll meet you soon on next post, enjoy your life and say thank you for everything you get today.

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