My REVLON Review

Hello Dear,

Like I say last week on My Beauty Haul Part. 1 post, I’ll review part of my beauty products. Now, I’ll review My REVLON product (it’s my daily makeup product). I have bit trouble on my skin, cause it’s to sensitive with beauty product. I know if different people has many skin type, and not always choose the right product. And I am the part of them *LOL.

Back to topic, I’ll review my daily makeup product (REVLON). I choose Revlon cause not getting allergy when use it on my face or my lips. First thing I do when come to beauty stand on mall, I always take my time on Revlon stand to know new product and maybe I get new product for me. I’ll not write many word here, okay let’s started.

I hasn’t much product of Revlon, so isn’t not hard to review that products.

  1. Protective Day Base (Natural)

I am not always take this on my face, cause every day when go to work just use face powder. It’s just for party makeup and the important thing is am not get allergy when put this base on my face.

  1. Foundation 320 True Beige (Natural Brown)

The color is brown, but when apply on my skin it’s not brown. I guess it’s pink color and look natural like not use many makeup like gosh. Haha

  1. Colorstay Aqua Face Powder

Yippi,… It’s my favorite product for my daily makeup. Cause it’s mate and my skin not getting dry when use this every day. Look normal like many face powder, but different look when you apply on your skin. Your skin will glowing cause of it and moist. I love it much ❤

  1. Colorstay Concealer No. 01 Fair Clair

I just apply on my face for party makeup or I am not sleep all night (all about my insomnia), so must take this concealer under my eyes. Make me look normal, not like vampire or zombie *HAHA.

  1. Photoready Concealer Stick No. 002 Light

It’s concealer like I have with same function, just different product type. Colorstay concealer is liquid, and Photoready concealer is stick and the color lil bit dark then colorstay. I guess it’s cause different number, so they have different look when I apply on my skin.

  1. Colorstay Gel Eyeliner No. 001 Black

Nha,… It’s easy eyeliner product for me *maybe. Cause it’s to much easy for apply on my small eyes. I can make bold line and make my eyes look big. Not glowing, but look natural is something important for me.

  1. Revlon Big Brush Mascara No. 01 Black

Aah,… I know isn’t work for me, cause I haven’t much and long eyelash . I just want to buy this, even I know it’s not work for me *SAD.

  1. Eyebrow Pencil No. 02 Dark Brown

I am still learn how to make perfect eyebrow with eyebrow pencil. I love drawing and it’s not hard to make a line. But, it will be hard when make a line on my eyebrow *SAD. Now I can apply this eyebrow pencil easily on my real eyebrow, learn the technic on Youtube. This eyebrow pencil already had a brush on one other side, so not hard to make beauty eyebrow with this one.

  1. Revlon Lips Color

I’ll not write part by product name on this section, so just write here. I had three Revlon Lips Color product and always take it on my lips (daily lips color). Revlon Colorbrust Matte Bakm No. 225 Sultry is my favorite for work makeup. Cause that color very natural and I love that sensation when put it on my lips. Like mint and lil bit cold on my lips (not feel like someone kiss you, it’s different HAHA). Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is liquid, and must apply with brush stick. And when you put it on your lips, lets feel your lips getting more bigger. WOW,… SEXY LIPS!!! I am not always use it on my daily makeup, only when I need it for meeting with government or some people. And the last of my Revlon Lipcolor product is Crème No. 655 Scarlet Velvet. It’s lipstick with a sexy color and glossy. I always use this one when I am unfit and wouldn’t look like hasn’t blood on my body. So, must take this one for make me look perfect and good mood on the day.



Aah,… I am done with this post. You must know if I am feel scary when write this post *HIKS HIKS HIKS. Cause no one awake in my home, only me still sit alone on living room. I want to screaming when hear something not normal on my ear. Okay, enough!!! Will not write about my scare . It’s My REVLON Review and hope you enjoy with this post.
I get this makeup bag from Revlon when buy some product. I am not remember which product, that I know just buy Aqua Face Powder *LOL.

See you on next post,… Enjoy your life and say thank you for everything you get today.

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