Eid Mubarak 1437 Hijr

​Assalamu’allaikum wa’rahmatullahi wa’barakathu Dear,…

Eid Mubarak *with smile and happiness face from me and family. It’s 2nd day of Eid Mubarak in Indonesia, so I take a time to write here on my blog. I want to write about Eid last night, but can’t cause feel exhausted. 

Taqabala’Allahu minna wa minkum ( from Mareta and family (Muhammad family).

I take field break since Monday, just prepare for Eid with help Mama do anything at home. Like cooking, cleaning home, and go to shopping for celebrating Eid. It’s a special day for us as Muslim and for all Muslim in the world. But, two days ago I am feel sad and not on mood cause my Abang call me with sad face. Yaps,… He can’t back home for celebrating Eid (Raya) with his family, and just get one off day on Eid day. And my lovely brother share on his Path account if this is first time he can’t having fasting together with us (maybe just for one day). I am sad and can’t hold my tears from my small eyes when hear Rizal (lil brother) say takbir. 

Aah,… This feeling very emotional, if you can’t having your family on special day like Eid day. Abang can’t leave Malaysia cause of work and my brother can still be with us when Eid day. Rizal leave Sangatta at 3 am and got to Balikpapan, he arrived home after we done praying Eid (I think it’s 9 am).

About Eid tradition in my family is Sungkem (hold parents hand and say sorry for everything you do before). Every family had different tradition, and my parents do it also. About food??? Of course many Indonesian family had many favorite food, and also in my family. Every years we collaborate Indonesian traditional food and Indian food on the 1st day of Eid. Normally my Mama cooking Soto Banjar (traditional food from South Kalimantan) and Paratha + Curry (Indian food). But, this year we had different menu for Eid. Mama cooking Paratha + Curry and Pempek (traditional food from Palembang that we made it by fish). We had a plan for coking Paratha, Curry, Biriyani rice (Mandhi) for celebrating Eid, but cause to much busy this week *cancel for cooking Biriyani Rice.

First time we come to grandy (grandma & grandpa) house, do sungkem with them and my Aunties, Uncles, and cousins. Then go to Datuk house. Datuk is my grandfather’s mum, we call it cause follow tradition and culture of Dayak family. She is 105th years old, and will be 106th years old this year. Alhamdulillah,…

I’ll upload some picture or maybe video of our Eid Mubarak day on this site. 

See you soon on next post, hope you enjoy and happy Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂

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