Late Holiday

Hello Dear,…

I am back, but will not told you something about makeup or beauty thing. Just will share lil bit of my late holiday. I take field break on July, 2nd – July, 10th for celebrating Eid. But cant take many time to do something like I want. Cause too much busy with the thing on family. We call it “Open House”. Cooking many food and many friends/family come home to having time together. And the bad news is “I AM GETTING MORE FAT” cause of eating too much food during open house.

Okay, I’ll not let you know about my sadness story cause of getting more fat. It’s about my Late Holiday, I just can take it on work day. My friend come to Balikpapan and stay in Novotel Balikpapan Hotel. So, he give us (me and Mami Fhi) access to his room and hotel swimming pool. You know what I mean? We get free access there and stay for relaxing mind. Aah,.. I am so tired and need a break.

Don’t ask about “You can swimming?” Ah,… That’s question I hate, cause always people asking me about that thing. Yes, of course I can swimming. I get more dark skin, even already covering my body with long swim suit.

I’ll give you hotel review on next post. See you soon on next post, hope you enjoy with this.

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