My Beauty Treatment

Hello Dears,…

How long I am not write here? I guess long time ago with serious post. Okay,… Now I’ll let you know about My Beauty Treatment (Skin Care Product) like I write on this post title. For the first, you must know if I had oily and sensitive skins. So, I can’t used wrong skin care product. I’ll got many acne or itchiness on my skin. I’m not feel comfort with it. Last year (maybe on August) I got allergy cause of one famous skin care product in Indonesia. I’m not understand why? Cause I feel good when ised they’re powder or lipstick. But, when I used they’re skin care my face getting redness and itchiness. Then, acne come to my facr and my neck with black freckle.

So, I go toย Klinik DokterKulitkuย for let acne gone on my face. And its work for me, my skin getting better like before got allergy. Isn’t easy to choose skin care clinic for your own skin. Especially you had sensitive skin like me. You must be wise with it, don’t choose something for your better life only cause your friends say bla bla bla,…ย 

First meet with doctor Lusia Simon, she is very friendly. Sometimes I want to talk with her about how to let my fat gone. LOL,… But, I am gonna shy. So just quite and do some diet.

Second meet and still with doctor Arthur Simon, he same like his wife (dr. Lusia). They’re very friendly doctor that I ever meet. That’s why I am very enjoy My Beauty Treatment in this clinic.ย 

Okay,… I’ll let you know which my beauty skin care for this month fromย Klinik DokterKulitkuย on photo below.

Okay Dears,… Hope you enjoy on this post ya. If you want to know more about My Beauty Treatment clini, just click that link I share on this post.ย 

Havr a wonderful night everyone.

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