Le Grandeur Hotel – Review

Hello Travellers,

I am back with Hotel Review in Balikpapan. Now, I’ll review about Le Grandeur Hotel Balikpapan.

Le Grandeur Balikpapan sits on its own extensive garden. adjoining a beautiful sandy oeach overlooking the Makassar straits. Fifteen minutes to the East lies Balikpapan International Airport, five minutes to the West, you’ll find the town’s business center.

About Le Grandeur Balikpapan

Okay, then I’ll share my experience with this hotel. This hotel has own beach and you can enjoy the sunset here. How’s room? They’re room is classic modern, and also very comfortable. Smooking room and none smooking room, you can choose as you like. All staff is very kind and respectful. You can choose your room view, I got a swimming pool and beach at the first time I come, And at the second time I got a city view. But overall so good and I’m enjoy it. How’s range prince? Around IDR 500k – 700k (actually I’m not sure about this one, cause a year ago). How’s food and serve? Anything good, but I just want to review lil bit of they’re food. I ever order Zuppa Soup to my room, but I not much feel good with the tasted. It’s too salted for me, maybe cause they use many cheese. I’ll not recommend this one for you if you do not like salted food.

How if you want to get some traditional food or street food from this hotel? Oh very easy guys. You just walking 2 minutes from Le Grandeur Hotel and get some street food. Cause Le Grandeur Hotel has strategic location.

I’ll show you some photo of Le Grandeur Hotel as my private collection. Look at below.


Le Grandeur Beach


My First Room View


In Front of Lobby


My Room Mate


My Second View

We’re Local Tourist

About room photo, I am not took many picture there and all about it you can see on Le Grandeur Balikpapan website.


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