Hello Guys,

This is for the first time after 2 years I am been here on Maretasari On Story, I will write about me and this blog. Let me introduce my self and this blog site. My name is Nurlina Maretasari Muhammad, I am an Indonesian and half Indian blogger. Blogging? This is my hobby and I really love it, no matter what. I start blogging when I am still study in Vocational School. September, 9th 2009 I start with my old one. It’s been 8 years I have friendship with WordPress. First blog is Travel Girls or maretasari.wordpress.com and I deleted 2 years ago cause of some reason.

Okay. Now we talk about me and let you guys know little bit of me. I am come from Kalimantan Native Tribe, that we call Dayak Tribe. My great grandfather is Dayak from South Kalimantan. We’re Dayak Meratus Tribe and I am so proud with my blood and where I came from. Also I have Banjarnese blood in my body and Indian blood from my Mom side. That’s why I have unique look *haha. I was born in Sangkulirang, East Kutai (before Kutai Kartanegara *I also have birth certificate from Kutai Kartanegara), East Kalimantan. When I am 1 month old, my Mom move to Sangata city to follow my Dad. Until I am 1 year old, we live in Sangata cause my Dad work there. And then we move to Samarinda, and move to Barabai, South Kalimantan when I am 2 years old. And when I am 5 years old, my family move to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Cause my Grand Parents live here in Balikpapan. I raise in Balikpapan and really love this city.

Why I made this blog? Hmmm… I’ll let you guys know why. I really love to writing but sometimes hard to share it. I really love Culture, Tourism, and Beauty even sometimes I share about my personal live over here. On Travel Girls I always share about Culture, Tradition, and Tourism. Now I start new page on this blog and make it my beginning. I hope you guys can hold on till this blog grow and be better everyday.

Okay guys, I just can share little about this blog and hope you guys enjoy your life.

Enjoy your life and your journey, cause you’ll find a happiness.

Maretasari Muhammad


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