Pulang Kampung

Selamat Malam Sahabat semua,…

Wah wah,… Sudah lama sekali rupanya saya tidak menulis apapun disini. Mungkin karena terlalu sibuk dengan pekerjaan, effect last year. Banyak laporan dan transaksi yang wajib diselesaikan sesuai dengan waktunya. Kenapa kali ini saya menulis dalam Bahasa? Saya hanya sedang mencoba untuk membiasakan diri untuk menggunakan kalimat-kalimat baik dalam tulisan saya. 

Pulang Kampung 1 Tahun

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Kenapa Harus Perawatan?

Hello Dears,…

I want to post something on this site, but I can’t cause of my busy life. Aah,… I had may ideas on my mind, but can’t make it happen. So sad laah,… Sorry to say ya, saya lagi males banget nulis pake English. Lagi gak nyampe finalnya sih. Banyak banget ide di otak, tapi sayang banget kalau gak bisa tersalurkan dengan benar. Saya punya beauty haul, tapi belum ada update sedikitpun tentang itu.

Postingan terakhir tentang My Beauty Treatment di Klinik Dokterkulitku. Continue reading

My Beauty Treatment

Hello Dears,…

How long I am not write here? I guess long time ago with serious post. Okay,… Now I’ll let you know about My Beauty Treatment (Skin Care Product) like I write on this post title. For the first, you must know if I had oily and sensitive skins. So, I can’t used wrong skin care product. I’ll got many acne or itchiness on my skin. I’m not feel comfort with it. Last year (maybe on August) Continue reading

Shopping Online Gallery


Hello Dears,…

You know what it mean? Reta make Shopping Online Gallery? Ooh,.. I’ll let you know about that thing ya. I made NURMA Gallery as my Shopping Online Gallery  this year for selling some fashion product. First I use Instagram for share my product, then make Fan Page on Facebook for easier order.

Why Shopping Online Gallery? I love fashion and something pretty cool like dress, bags, shoes, accessory, and makeup. So, I make this shopping line on Instagram and Facebook for do my hobby. Honestly, I am a shoppaholic. Some people want to show how her/him fashion style, so I made this for make it easy. Choose anything you want and your pocket still safe. LOL!!!

Let’s follow my Shopping Online Gallery on Instagram and Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the day, and see you on next post.


Busy Month – Scarlet Heart

Hello Dears,…

My last post talk about Hope VS Reality on September 8, 2016. I don’t know what I want to share on this page. I’ll make beauty haul on next post, cause not take pictures of that product yet. I’m not buy many beauty product, so just will share lil bit of myy beauty haul. I am on busy month (few month), need more focus. New job same like new place, new friends, new work, and need to learn more about it. I hasn’t much time to bloging, aah so sad.

When finish time work, just back home and relaxing my mind. What I do when evening come? Just chit chat with friends, watching some makeup tutorial on Youtube, or watching some Korean Drama on my laptop. Lol!!! Now you know how to kill my boring time. Which Korean Drama that I love??? Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. OMO!!! Last week I want to upload that drama on this page; but I can’t. So, I just will share lil bit of my favourite drama. 

I don’t know why? But, I love to watching Saeguk Drama (Traditional/History Drama in Korea). That’s why I watch this drama and always waiting episode update. Its killing my boring time and make me had more cloudy feeling. 

Hope you enjoy on my intro, see you on next post dears. Xo-xo

Hope VS Reality

Hope you all feel good and always be happy. Long time not write here cause I am too much busy with my new work. I had many idea, but not try to write it here. When thinking about it, I believe can click one by one alphabet on my laptop pad. But, I can’t. It’s not easy.

Same like Hope, you can thinking and feel it. But, it’s hard to realize something on your head. Cause need many process and waiting enjoying step by step to make it happen. Hope is same like Trust. When you Hoping and Trust, Allah will make it happen to you. So, first believe on yourself first.

Reality,… Hm,….. Comment below if you know about that thing!!!

Indonesian Marriage Tradition In Balikpapan

Hello Dear,…


This evening I take a time to write here about Indonesian Marriage Tradition. When you always make a mistakes on they’re eyes and mind. Why? You should know about that thing and maybe you’ll not understand what I mean. Indonesia is a big country, has a lots of culture and tradition. Some people follow some tradition, and different state had a different tradition. Culture and tradition is same thing that some people follow on they life.

I’ll let you know little bit of Indonesian Marriage Tradition (especially in my city or state). I live in Balikpapan that has many people come from other states and other island. Most population in Balikpapan from Java, South Kalimantan, and South Sulawesi. And we know about “Jujuran” tradition here in Balikpapan. Who call this first? And how Balikpapan get this tradition? Its long time ago and Banjar tribe from South Kalimantan already practice this for marriage tradition. Isn’t happening on Kalimantan, but most in state of Indonesia. But, they has other name with same mean. Jujuran is when a Man with his family come to Women’s family for marriage proposal with some money. First, Man’s family ask to Women’s family about how much money they need to make a wedding party. Yaps,… Jujuran is fund for your wedding party. If you have wedding party dream and want to make it come true, so you should have much money to realize.

Okay,… I’ll write about Marriage Tradition step in Balikpapan (especially about my culture and tradition). Cause different family has different culture and tradition.

Step 1: A Man and his family come to Women’s family to propose. If Women’s family accept him, they will ask for wedding day and concept.

Step 2: When you they already done with wedding day and concept, they will come again to bring Women a Jujuran and Seserahan. Seserahan is important things for a Women. I’ll let you know more on next post.

Step 3: Prepare for wedding invitation, souvenir, hall, dress, concept, and some tradition that you want to follow on your wedding.

Step 4: Pingit Day. What’s that? Pingit is when you can’t leave home before wedding day, just stay home and not do many activity outside. Do body treatment at home and some tradition like Timung (traditional spa), bath with flowers, Henna night (Malam Bainai for Melayu tradition or Indian or Arabi), Khatam Quran (read Quran together and a Women must finished her last Amma), and read Barjanji (read historical of Prophet Muhammad).

Step 5: Akad (TAKEN Process). Before this one, in my family when a Man (groom) come with his family infront of house. We always give yellow rice with coin money. Spelling shalawat (remembering Prophet Muhammad) with hadrah (traditional music). Then akad and HALAL.

After step 5, any question??? LOL J

I can’t let you know more about this topic, cause I am not married yet. Still on progress. LOADING…

Hope you enjoy on this post and see you dears on next post. Thank you J