My Beauty Haul Part. 2

Hello Dear,…

This is the second time I make Beauty Haul. I’ve been make Beauty Haul post on my blog post My Beauty Haul Part. 1 and you can check it. I am not buy many makeup stuff that I want to share on this post. Just some of my beauty haul for 1 – 2 months. Cause as you know am not an makeup addict. I just but what I need and I have not yet. Okay, let’s started and look below.

1. Laneige Water Bank Travel Series – Dbilik Ayu (Instagram)

2. LA Girl Countur Stick – SOGO Pentacity Mall Balikpapan

3. LA Girl Eyeshadow Pallete Nudes – SOGO Pentacity Mall Balikpapan

4. Tammia Eyelashes E114 – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

5. Kay Beauty Eyelid Sticker – SOGO Pentacity Mall Balikpapan

6. Catrice Eyeliner Calligraph – Guardian E-Walk Balikpapan

7. Maybelline Colir Show Blush – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

8. Maybelline Fashion Brow Brown – Guardian E-Walk Balikpapan

9. Revlon Matte Lipstick 016 Paradise Pink – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

10. Silky Girl Matte Lipcolor 06 Exotic Wine – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

11. Maybelline Super BB Super Cover – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

12. Maybelline The Powder Mattes Lipstick Plum Reflection & Pink Potion – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

13. Elf Highlighter Moonlight Pearls – Belanja Mimo

14. Sariayu Brown Eyebrow Pencil – Marthatilaar Shop

15. Sariayu Peel Off Mask Langsat – Marthatilaar Shop

16. Sariayu Acne Care Series – Random (Balikpapan)

17. Silky Girl Lip Liner Nude and Rose – Matahari Department Store E-Walk Balikpapan

Okay just it guys. I have not much beauty product on this post. I’ll make review later when am ready and free.

See you guys on next post. Hope you enjoy your life.


Kenapa Harus Perawatan?

Hello Dears,…

I want to post something on this site, but I can’t cause of my busy life. Aah,… I had may ideas on my mind, but can’t make it happen. So sad laah,… Sorry to say ya, saya lagi males banget nulis pake English. Lagi gak nyampe finalnya sih. Banyak banget ide di otak, tapi sayang banget kalau gak bisa tersalurkan dengan benar. Saya punya beauty haul, tapi belum ada update sedikitpun tentang itu.

Postingan terakhir tentang My Beauty Treatment di Klinik Dokterkulitku. Continue reading

My Beauty Treatment

Hello Dears,…

How long I am not write here? I guess long time ago with serious post. Okay,… Now I’ll let you know about My Beauty Treatment (Skin Care Product) like I write on this post title. For the first, you must know if I had oily and sensitive skins. So, I can’t used wrong skin care product. I’ll got many acne or itchiness on my skin. I’m not feel comfort with it. Last year (maybe on August) Continue reading

My Eid Makeup Look Review

Hello Dear,…

Like I say to you yesterday, if will make My Eid Makeup Look Review on this blog. Many friends and family ask me about do makeup or not when Eid? So look glowing on some picture like you see. 👇👇👇

Yaps,… I am do makeup, but only simple makeup for Eid. Why? Cause I want to concern to my family, not do many makeup on my face. I know without makeup, I am still pretty with natural face *LOL. Nevermind if you not agree with me :).  Okay, I’ll let you know which makeup product I am use when Eid. Look picture below 👇👇👇 

Its to late night and I was sleepy (use WordPress Mobile for write this one), so I’ll not write long review about these product. Lets started with me Dear,… 😘

Eid is special day and I wont to look like zombie without makeup or like aunty with to much makeup. So, just apply these product on my face and look fresh. 

1. Clear Smooth B.B Stick

I am apply Clear Smootg B.B Stick by Maybelline New York as my foundation. Just to know, I am use No. 03 Radiance for my yellow skin (like many Asian people). I am blend with my hand, not use makeup blender. Why I do that? Its simple, traditional, and not make my skin too much white then my real skin color. This B.B Stick help me to hide some acne on my face. Look very natural with this one, and I guess its will be okay for all skin type.
2. Colorstay Aqua Mineral Face Powder

After B.B Stick, I take Colorstay Aqua Mineral Face Powder by Revlon for long last makeup on my face. Its matte and good for my skin. Why? Cause its mineral face powder, so give nutrition for my skin. Hope you’ll feel it when use this one also like me.

3. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow Pencil by Revlon on No. 02 Dark Brown for my thick eyebrows. Look natural with this eyebrow pencil and its easy to apply with eyebrow brush on this pencil (other site). Recommend for beginner 😄

4. Eye Shadow

For eye shadow I am use Eye Shadow Emperor Brown by MakeOver with toone No. 1 on first shade eyelid and No. 2 for make lil bit smooke eyes on my eyelid. Why I do that? Cause I has small eyes and want to look fresh with natural color when Eid come. And for highlight use Eye Shadow Purple Series by Wardah. Picture below 👇👇👇 

I use No. 1 for highlight on my eyes. So look natural and more fresh when Eid. Cause Eid make people exhausted when visit many family, so will look not fresh. Just apply lil bit on my small eyes.

5. Blush On 

I had cubby cheeks, so must be careful when apply blush on. I use Blush On Brown Tea No. 02 by Pixy Cosmetic. I love this color, cause not to much red or pink (cause will make me look like having accident *LOL).  Bland with my hand for look like natural.

6. Eye Liner

I am apply HyperGlossy Liquid Liner by Maybelline New York color Black. Its not my favorite eyeliner, but very helping for long last eyeliner. When walking to much, visit many family, move from one home to other home, and sweat much. Of course we want something good for our perfect makeup. So, I choose this eyeline for make me look perfect on special day. Its recommended for party makeup or something like that. 

7. Lipstick

Without color on you lips, of course will make you look like zombie *LOL. I apply Long Lasting Lipstick No. 07 by Wardah cosmetic, thats matte lipstick. I guess this color is magentha, so must be careful when take it on lips. If you make wrong line and bold on lips, will make you look ready to party. Cause I want to having natural maleup for my Eid look, so just touch my lips lil bit whit this lipstick. Look on second color that I upload, let you know the methode for apply this lipstick.

Aah,… Done with this post, My Eid Makeup Look Review. Thank you for read this one on my blog. Hope you enjoy and can be inspiration for you all my Dear.

See you soon on next post,… Hope you enjoy this post and Good Night from Indonesia 🙂